A Volumetric Concrete Mixer, or Mobile Concrete Mixer as it is sometimes also called, is an on-demand concrete production solution. A Volumetric Concrete Mixer is a batch plant mounted on a chassis – usually a truck or trailer – and carries unmixed material (sand, cement, aggregates, water and any other materials or chemicals required for more specialty applications) to a job site. It is then mixed on a continuous or intermittent basis as required for fresh maximum strength concrete.

Any amount of concrete can be produced from 0.1m3 and upwards per day for continuous pouring as long as the unit is re-loaded with materials at the job site. Volumetric proportioning is based on volume not weight so through an easy calibration process it is possible to produce concrete that will consistently meet or exceed Australian standards. You will have the exact amount needed every time.

The blending of materials, is a continuous process, mixing the aggregates, sand, cement and admixtures for the exact mixture every time. The operator can stop the mixing and delivery, and start again at any time, allowing production to balance the demands of the finishing and placing crews.

Mix designs can be changed or altered without moving the machine, the operator can make adjustments at any time as required for the job site. When the job is finished, clean up is an easy process by only washing out the mixer at the rear of the machine.


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